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16 October 2005 @ 06:03 pm
just post-war trauma, nothing more...  
From comfort of my living room
I used to watch them die
years to come, they brought this gloom
makes me wanna cry
So go... you won't feel their pain
but there won't be winner in this war
so we keep on killing and dyeing in vain
God won't protect us anymore...

( I know it's so easy... to push the button
it would be really easy to destroy
what we've been building for long centuries
I know...
so let me rest at war
if I cannot rest in peace )

With jets crossing my open skies
I won't fall asleep this night
I'm fed up with all your lies
You serve me, thinking you have the right
They haunt me, they we were innocent
and they died in vain
I'd prayed for them everyplace I went
I carry their pain
They haunt me, they are everywhere
I wish they weren't real
I tried so hard, to run outta there
I'm numb, stunned, unable to feel

( I know I can never justify
all the things we've done
I can never undo
sins of humanity
I know...
I should love even my enemies
So I go on, living at war
if I cannot live in peace... )